Ended Senior Pharmacist

The Job

National Consultant Position                                                                                                     

Position: Senior Pharmacist

Reports to

Logistics coordinator – functionally

Health and nutrition coordinator - technically

Staff directly reporting to this post:    Pharmacists (offices/sub-offices)

Location: Aden/Sana’a drugs store with regular trips to other governorates


INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.


Specific duties:

  • Contribute to the planning, formulation, implementation, monitoring, and medical supply chain activities and stock management.
  • Liaise with the INTERSOS team and Ministry of Public Health on quality control and assurance systems for procurement, supply chain management, distribution, and storage, including cold storage of medical products and issues related to access of quality-assured medical products, market intelligence, pricing, and the appropriate use of medical products at the various health care levels.
  • Communication and on-going reporting to the logistic department and INTERSOS Management (Head of mission, deputy health and nutrition coordinators, program coordinator, project managers, grant manager, etc.);
  • Ensure adherence to the health cluster\WHO and INTERSOS standards regarding drug prescription control and rational Antibiotics usage.
  • With the support of the Logistic department, design clear guidelines and SOPs for field health facilities/mobile clinic teams’ pharmacists regarding supplies storage and distribution as per the health cluster\INTERSOS standards and provide them with the proper related technical support when needed.
  • Design with line managers (project managers, deputy health and nutrition coordinators) a detailed distribution plan for the drugs, medical and non-medical supplies based on the actual project supplies quantity, actual field needs, and project duration.
  • Provide feedback to the program team on issues related to drug management, expiry date, stock, and a monthly supply of the health facilities and mobile team.
  • Ensure availability of buffer stock of essential drugs and medical equipment to prevent any interruption in service provision.
  • Maintain the stock register and the minimum stock level of the medicines as per need.
  • Track all drugs medical and non-medical supplies using well designed tracking tools from INTERSOS warehouses to the end beneficiaries, with regular check of health facilities/MCTs records to verify the tracked data.

Routine duties:

  • Receive and consolidate all supply requests from field teams and organize with logistic/program teams for the timely supply of drugs and medicines to field pharmacies or stores.
  • Maintain regularly register book by category of medicines, by donor, and programs.
  • Prepare and keep daily, weekly, and monthly consumption documents in pharmacies, mobile teams, and SCs.
  • Analysis of the regular consumption reports based on the caseload and provide feedback to the program team on regular basis.
  • Provide regular updates of medical stock, drug consumption, and monthly request by the teams.
  • Deliver drugs, medical and non-medical equipment to the health facilities/MCTs on monthly basis as per the approved supply plan.
  • Precise recording of all drugs and medical supplies receipt\dispatch using INTERSOS formal records and documents.
  • Receive health facilities/MCTs monthly reports, review, verify, and ensure strict follow up of the distribution plan of supplies and proper data archiving.
  • Report to the supervisor on a weekly and monthly basis on the drugs and medical supplies movement and stock balance using both statistical and narrative reports.
  • Supervise smooth and proper archiving mechanism for the drugs disbursing documents for each project.
  • Any other duty from the line managers.

Stock Management:

  • To conduct regular stock overview, support in identifying procurement needs and distribution plans for PPE/COVID-19 prevention and protection measure – for INTERSOS offices, project teams and health facilities…
  • Ensure keeping all the drugs and medical supplies in INTERSOS warehouses in their proper storage conditions to prevent the occurrence of any damage or loss.
  • Follow up the logistic team to update and maintain pharmacy and warehouse room temperature and humidity to an acceptable level.
  • Ensure correct storage, stock rotation and guarantee appropriate and accurate stock control and recording all time
  • Plan and organize days/weeks for acquisition and supply of medicines, therapeutic supplies for the field.
  • Maintain the FIFO (first in first out) or FEFO (First expire first out) policy for all items in the warehouse during supply to the field.
  • Maintain Stock Card for each item and display bin card on each stock in the warehouse;
  • Dispatch goods from the warehouse using appropriate INTERSOS procedures, Store Release forms, Waybills and update Stock records.
  • Prepare report of monthly stocks, end of grant stocks, fiscal year physical counts and other physical counts, as instructed by supervisor.
  • Arrange a delivery update register with the inventory of all drugs and medical supplies received accordingly.
  • Ensure quality control of medicine and medical equipment in the warehouse and/or drugs held with the mobile team.
  • Oversee the destruction process of expired unused medicines in line with MoPHP and national drug disposal policy.
  • Supervise the receipt of all drugs, laboratory equipment, solutions, and other medical and non-medical supplies related to the project from the logistic department to INTERSOS warehouses in the different governorates.
  • Sharing information with other departments and proper liaison with the logistic department for better flow of supplies in and out of the warehouse.
  • Conduct regular spot checks and inventories on health facilities, MCTs, and warehouses stocks and records to verify the reported data and ensure implementation of standards in the storage and prescription processes.

Support to procurement:

  • Contributing technically to the process related to the tender / FWC process for drugs / medical supplies to be implemented in Yemen.
  • Supporting Logistic and health team in the evaluation of the BoQs submitted with tender/FWC documents;
  • Evaluation of compliance standards of the drugs provided as offered within the tender process (international lists, documentation review, etc.)
  • Ensuring with Logistic/procurement that all INTERSOS tender regulations are fully respected and followed throughout the process.
  • Support the update of the national medicines list with appropriate specifications for INTERSOS for procurement processes like annual FWCs.
  • Support procurement unit on national and international procurements of drugs, medical equipment, devices and consumables.
  • Support Logistics Department on custom clearance for medical international procurement  

General requirement:

  • Adherence to Humanitarian principles of Neutrality, Impartiality, Independence and Humanity
  • Clear & timely communications to line management
  • Full abiding by INTERSOS internal rules and guidelines and respect INTERSOS Charter of Value and Code of Ethics

Qualification/level requirements

  • A Bachelor degree in Pharmacy (a Master degree would be an asset)
  • At least 3 years of professional experience as pharmacist
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in working with INGOs
  • Excellent command of English and Arabic
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure in a fast pace environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • High ethical standards
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook                   
How to Apply
  • Deadline for submission of application: 15 April 2021
  • Documents to be submitted: CV and Motivation Letter (incomplete applications will be not considered), in addition to contact details for minimum 2 reference persons (include position and relation)
  • How to send the application: by e-mail to jobs.recruitment.yemen@intersos.org (applications delivered by hand will be not considered)
  • Clearly mention the job and location that you are applying for in the subject of your e-mail!
  • Employer: INTERSOS
  • Category: Health Care
  • Location: Aden, Sana'a
  • Posted on: 7 April 2021
  • Deadline: 15 April 2021