Ended Provision of Consultancy Service (تقديم خدمات استشارية)

تحديث: تم تمديد الاعلان الى تاريخ 15 ابريل 2021

Published date : 15 March 2021

Deadline : 15 April 2021

Terms of Reference for Consultancy Service

Project Name: Towards Enhancing Youth Inclusion and Engagement at National Level

Implementer: Youth without Borders Organization in partnership with Ministry of Youth and Sport (MoYS).

Donor: UNFPA

Consultancy Service: Developing a participatory two-year strategic plan for the Youth Sector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports by youth's engagement and inclusion.


The overall objective of this project is to further youth's engagement and inclusion in policy making at IRG level by developing participatory strategic plan for youth sector at MoYS, guiding all other actors to contribute to implementation of such policy/plan. The project is designed for two purposes. The first is to provide a technical support for MoYS (Youth Sector) to develop a two-year strategic plan  and the second is to set up pro youth strategic plan developed and adopted by the related ministry (MoSY) and target other actors to contribute to this plan in their programing.

The two-year strategic plan shall be developed according data collection from the field (at least the governorates of Aden, Taiz, Marib and Hadramout) and desk review of all the policies and strategies, reports, etc. This strategic plan shall help this sector towards better responses to young men's and women's priorities. Upon developing the draft of such a plan, a two-day conference will be conducted, facilitated by the consultant together with his/her assistants. The conference is intended to be attended by 60 young men and women from different governorates (Aden, Taiz, Hadramout (the coast and the valley), Marib, Aldhalye, Lahj, Abyan, Shabwa, Socatra and Almahra) under IRG as well as all other relevant stakeholders including CSOs and related Ministries to comment and give feedbacks. All the view points and comments will be taken into consideration by the consultant to prepare the final draft, which will be launched in the final plenary session of the second day of the conference attended by all the participants as well as other actors such as donors, INGOs, LNGOs, private sector, media, etc.. Any further comments raised by the attendance of the closing session of the conference shall be taken into consideration too.

Consultant's Required Tasks:

YWBOD is seeking a need-assessment and strategic planning consultant to perform the following duties:

  1. Develop a methodology and detailed plan of how he/she will develop a draft of the two-year strategic plan on a participatory way using different tools like in depth interviews, focus group discussions and desk review.
  2. Collect the information by implementing the following activities in a number of target governorates including at least Aden, Taiz,  Marib and  Hadramout. Other governorates can be targeted online:
    1. Consultations meetings.
    2. Desk review of all relevant reports and references
    3. In-depth interviews in all the target governorates with individuals (experts, activists, specialists, representatives of relevant authorities) to collect their opinions as inputs foe developing the two-year strategic plan.
    4. Focus group discussions with documentation and reports for each session.
    5. Any other tools required to prepare the draft.
  3. Targeting youth and stakeholders in the mentioned governorates to feed the draft of the strategic plan.
  4. Draft a detailed two-year strategic plan draft for he Youth Sector" in the Ministry of Youth and Sport.
  5. Present the strategic plan draft developed and facilitate the discussions attended by participants (60 participants) in the two-day conference in Aden, collecting all the comments and work on incorporating the comments into the plans to be ready in the closing session on the second day of the conference.
  6. Facilitate the two-day conference in Aden and this shall include a lead facilitator to present the draft and supervise other sub facilitators who will work in facilitating the divided groups of the conference participants. This shall also include training the sub facilitators before the conference implementation.  
  7. Amend the drafts of the plans according to the notes collected in the youth conference.
  8. Prepare the final draft of the plans, which will be launched in the final plenary session on the second day of the conference.
  9. Write detailed report about the overall consultancy service.
  10. All the costs of implementing the consultancy service shall be covered by the consultant (travel, implementation of data collection, accommodation, facilitators' fees, etc.), while the conference logistic and financial costs will be covered by YWBOD.

Duration of Consultancy

Two months amenable to extension

Consultancy Methodology

The assignment will kick off with an initial meeting between the consultant, and related entities to clarify any unanswered questions. Subsequently, the consultant(s) and YWBOD's Coordinator will schedule regular check-in calls to discuss the progress.

The Consultant shall review all the relevant resources (reports, plans, papers, etc.) that help in conducting his/her tasks with full understanding. The Consultant can deliver the tasks of drafting the two-year strategic plan and by reaching related stakeholders and individuals concerned to collect view points and exchange experience. Taking into consideration the demographic variation of youth and the sensitivity of dealing with them, the consultant must draft the two year strategic plan on the basis of data collected from the field from at least Taiz and Marib, Hadramout and Aden and shall consider the other governorates needs and priorities to ensure its comprehensiveness.  The consultant shall be available and shall have accessibility to the target groups (youth, women, youth-led CSOs and any related actors) in the target governorates to use data collection tools such as:

  • Consultations meetings.
  • Desk review of all relevant reports and references
  • In-depth interviews with individuals (experts, activists, specialists, representatives of relevant authorities) to collect their opinions about the plan.
  • Focus group workshop with documentation and reports for each workshop session.
  • Key Informant Interview with individuals (experts, activists, specialists, representatives of relevant authorities) to collect their opinions about the plan.
  • Any other tools required to prepare the draft.
  • Amending the draft according to the conference results. Write and submitting the activities reports shall be submitted no later than 5 days from the end of the activities implementation.

Tentative Schedule/Time frame:

The Consultant shall include a time plan for the services required, defining how many days are required for each task and these shall be reflected in the financial and technical offers.


The consultant is expected to deliver the following products, in addition to providing regular briefings to YWBOD: 

  • Reports of the data collection activities, including evidences of implementation such as photos, audio recordings, narrative reports, attendance sheets, etc.
  • Draft of the plan prior the conference to be reviewed and approved by YWBOD and UNFPA. Amendments shall be done by the consultant in the drafts according YWBOD's, MoYS and UNFPA's comments if any and the draft shall be ready prior the conference.
  • Final versions of the two-year strategic plan in both English and Arabic amended according to the conference participant's comments. The final versions of the plan shall be launched in the final plenary session on the second day of the conference.
  • A final narrative report for the service provided in English.

Requirements of Consultant(s)

YWBOD seeks an experienced consultant(s) on strategic planning and youth development with the following qualifications:

  1. A Master Degree in international relations, gender and development, social science or other relevant fields,
  2. Professional experience in strategic planning of at least 5 years.
  3. The ability to deal with the sensitivity of demographic diversity.
  4. Good accessibility to the target governorates,
  5. The ability to use various means and tools of data collection.
  6. The ability to prepare technical reports in both Arabic and English.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants (either individuals or consultancy firms) are welcome to apply for this opportunity by sending an email titled " Consultancy Service: Youth Inclusion"

Attached with a technical and financial offer together with all the supporting documents (CV(s), Registration Certificate (for entities), samples of related previous works and any supporting document). The technical offer shall include detailed description of the implementation and technical expertise in this field with an initial action plan. The financial offer shall describe the costs of all the activities including: developing the data collection tools, implementing the data collection activities, analyzing the data collected, developing and amending the drafts and facilitating the conference sessions (one lead facilitator and two assistant facilitators to facilitate the sessions with smaller groups of participants). No costs will be covered by YWBOD or MoYS except the costs of the conference, excluding the facilitators' fees, accommodation, travel, etc.  Both the technical and financial offers shall be sent either in one or two files, but shall be sent in one email to the following emails: tenders@ywbod.org and ministry.y.s.aden@gmail.com.

  • Posted by: YWBOD
  • Location: Multiple Cities
  • Posted on: 16 March 2021
  • Deadline: 15 April 2021