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  • Yemen HR website is solely built and designed to serve job seekers find jobs online, and also for employers who wish to post jobs for external candidates. The use of this website should be within that concept only.
  • Job seekers are granted the permission to access the website and use all its features to find jobs for themselves only. Our materials are not for reproduction or distribution unless permitted by Yemen HR management. In some cases, you can disseminate job announcements from our website but with mentioning the source.
  • Yemen HR reserves the right to terminate any job seeker membership if rules are violated by this same user.
  • Employers are granted access to the website after the signing of an agreement with Yemen HR. Employers agreement contains all the terms and conditions that both Yemen HR and the employer should abide by.
  • Yemen HR reserves the right to terminate employer’s access if rules mentioned here and in the agreement are violated.
  • Yemen HR hold no responsibility for what its users post or perform. Yemen HR is an online system to post users documents and facilitate the exchange. We have no liability to users or companies for any kind of performance of our users. Yemen HR may investigate issues of abuse at the level of our capacity, but with accordance to our privacy policy.
  • Yemen HR does not guarantee for job seekers that by submitting any documents they will be hired. We only make your documents available for recruiters and companies. We hold no responsibility of you being employed or not.
  • Yemen HR does not guarantee the performance of any job seekers who have been employed through our website. We do not guarantee the accuracy of what is provided by the users. Employers have the primary responsibility to background check the candidates through their own channels.
  • Yemen HR does not endorse any application or job posting made by our users. We post applications and jobs under the responsibility of our users.
  • As a user, you may NOT post: offensive materials, sexually materials, discriminatory words, advertisements, links, copyrighted materials, or anything that is harmful for any person or entity.
  • As a user you may NOT post any false or misleading information in your post or resume, or covering letter.
  • As an employer, you may NOT send your applicants any unsolicited commercial emails.
  • As a user, you may report any violations or problems to Yemen HR management.
  • As an employer, you HAVE to respect the privacy of your applicants and do not disseminate or use their information without their own permission.
  • As a user, you have to agree to all the above rules before you use Yemen HR website.